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Hello everyone! Well, nowadays, ppl keep talking abt upu results & all. I'm still confused on how they choose students. Okay, let's begin with upu result. My personally story.. Yassssssss, ppl who were taking spm 2015, like all.........are waiting for upu result. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. And finallyyyyyyyyy it is the day to check upu result & everyone are hoping for the best result to come out. So am i. Some of them are luckily & get what they've been dream for ((it feels like the whole world is theirs & feels soooooo thankful & grateful fir the opportunities)). But some of them are unfortunately, didn't achieve their target & dreams. It's feels sooooooooo miserable & starting to think that the world is unfair. Like, REALLY UNFAIR!!! AND THATS SO REAL. I know  & understand how they're totally feel bcs actually I'm also one of them. Ppl said, "you must get good results to achieve your goals & ofc to f…

Fav cover this Jan ❤

So this is my fav cover Ex's & Oh's by Ashley Tisdale & Vanessa Hudgens. I found this cover in twitter. I saw someone retweet this cover && yassss I'm so in love with their voices. Omg they're so beautiful in & out. They reminds me of High School Musical 😭😭💕💕

My 2017 ✨

Holla everyone! It's been awhile I didn't post anything here. So today I wanna share with u gais my new year wishes!!!!!!! Lols. Well, I have like a lots of wishes for this year. Before this, i mean like previous years before, I don't even have my own to-do-list thingy but since I'm now 19 y/o, I think I should do a to-do-list thingy in order to be a successful person luls hahahahahahaha ok, so now before I do my to-do-list, my first wishes for this year is ofc to be a better person for myself & everyone. Sec, I wish tht I'm strong enough to go through all the difficulties tht will come in the future. Third, I wish tht this year could be a very best year in my life. Fourth, I wish tht I will get 4flat in every sem in order to be a successful student in ump in shaa Allah, aamiin. Fifth, I wish tht I will never give up in everything after this. Sixth, I wish to have lots of moneyyyyy 💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲 in my pocket hahahahahaha seventh, I wish tht there's a air…

Car boot sales @ UMP

So, hello everyone! I wanna share abt this one nice man. There's car boot sale at our university yesterday. Kartinie & I went to this one stall which they're selling many kinds of biscuits. Kartinie wanna buy her fav biscuit, so she told him tht she's just want that biscuit for only rm3. But then, when she wants to give the rm3, the uncle said "nvm, just take it. I know u came from far 😊" . We're both be likeeeee; "woww omggggg you're so nicee. Why you being so niceeeeeeee ppl?? 😭😭😭😭" we're both speechless & ofc said thank you so much then. May Allah bless you always & may your business will be successful. Aamiin 😉😊 so next, we went to this cutie mini stall which they're selling kinda cube ice-cream. Omg soooooo yummyyyy 😋🍦 yesterday was my very first time saw that kinda cube ice-cream yknow. At first I be like, okay what is this??? Is this an ice-cream??? The price is just rm2. Yaaa, I know that's so cheap isn&#…


It's easy to trust ppl. Usually, if a person have a very good personalities & attitudes, we usually put high percentage of trust on them. Well, I've told myself, "not to trust ppl. Don't put yr trust easily on ppl. Don't even trust them even they're good to you." Butttt, nope! I do trust ppl so easily. I thought, if they're very close to me, so I can put 100% trust on them. Hahahahahahahahahaha I WAS WRONG!!!!. I've never thought that a person who are close to me, could lying to me. It's hard for me to believe how u could lie to me. You said that they are yours. It hurts my heart. Deeply hurt inside. Obviously, that's mine. It would be good if you jut tell me the truth. I'm so not gonna to blame u or what. I'm not going to raise up my voice. I just want u to tell me the truth. That's it. Yknow, if u keep lying to me, u keep pretending that nothing happens, idek what to say. I might be someone else. I might change myself 360…

Syawal, Eid Mubarak!

It's 6/7/2016! First day of Syawal. So, happy Eid Mubarak everyone. I'm taking this opportunity to seek apologies for all my wrongdoing to all of u. I'm sorry if I did smthg wrong towards u gais especially to all my family & friends. I'm trying to be good & become a better person, day by day. I love all the people around me. I miss y'all 😭😭😭😭😭 to all my classmates, u gais are the best! You'll always be in my heart ♥ without u gais, I'll never be like what I am now. I've learned a lot from u gais. Too many memories that we've created together. & I hope to meet all of u soon. Eventho we're always be like cats & dogs but our relationship is too strong to handle yknow hahahahaha aiceh. No matter how terrible our relationship is, but still I love y'all. I'm sorry gais for all my mistakes, my words, my actions & all. To all my classmates at UMP, i still in process to get know each of you. I don't really know u gais…

Lovely Grandma

We're met this grandma at Masjid Jamek, Kuala Pahang. She's very lovely & nice person. I was the one who started the conversation. While we're busy chit-chat, suddenly, she's asking me & my friends to come over to her house to take mangoes. And I was like, okay let'sssss. She gave us sweets, mangoes & also watermelon to eat. She's even talked about her life, family. So many challenges tht comes to her life. But still, she lives well. She lost her husband, she lost her sons, she lost her mum... She lives alone at a very small house. The moment when we're at her house, there's so many plants & flowers. She said, she loves to plant various types of flowers & even vegetables as well as fruits. She's happy with her life but I know, deeply inside, she's suffered a lot. May Allah bless this old woman with happiness!!!! Thank you for treating us nicely, grandma. We love u & pls stay happy 😘💕💞

Happy Father's Day, Ayah!

Happy Father's Day to my one & only dad, Huzairi Bin Rosli!!!! Alhamdulillah, thank God for giving me such a great father ever. You're always giving your best just to fulfill all my sibling's wishes. I am such a lucky girl to have u in my life. You taught me a lot of things in this world & life. You're always being there for me 24/7 whenever I needs u around. Only God knows how much I appreciate u & how much I love you. Whenever I said that I need smthg or anything, you always tried your best to get what I want. Alhamdulillah, you're not that kind of "strictly" person. Eventho u have your own principles & disciplines in life, but u never beat anyone of my siblings. Whenever we're doing smthg out of control or doing smthg bad, you're not going to beat us but you loves to give advices & lots of positive inputs that make us think like, "ohhhh we shouldn't do that.." "Ohhh it's bad actually.." "Ohhh…