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Hello everyone! Well, nowadays, ppl keep talking abt upu results & all. I'm still confused on how they choose students. Okay, let's begin with upu result. My personally story.. Yassssssss, ppl who were taking spm 2015, like all.........are waiting for upu result. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. And finallyyyyyyyyy it is the day to check upu result & everyone are hoping for the best result to come out. So am i. Some of them are luckily & get what they've been dream for ((it feels like the whole world is theirs & feels soooooo thankful & grateful fir the opportunities)). But some of them are unfortunately, didn't achieve their target & dreams. It's feels sooooooooo miserable & starting to think that the world is unfair. Like, REALLY UNFAIR!!! AND THATS SO REAL. I know  & understand how they're totally feel bcs actually I'm also one of them. Ppl said, "you must get good results to achieve your goals & ofc to f…

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