Thursday, 26 May 2016


What does true friendship mean to you? 
A TRUE FRIENDSHIP.... Well, a true friendship is all abt trust & honesty. Actually, I've said it before this abt a true friendship through So, I'll copy what I've written before this to share with all of you abt ""friendship"" . She/he will definitely be there for you through ups & downs. No matter how poor you are, how rich you are, it's hard to find the real ones which means the real best friend that you can comfortable be with. Nowadays, as you can see, mostly ppl want to take advantages to anyone as long as they get what they want. Well, some ppl being """your good friend"" just bcs of your popularity, wealthy, beauty & so on. Aha common gaisssssss!!!! Go find your true friend. Your true friendship. A true bestie will always gives you advice, teach you the good things, always reminds you whenever you're forgot smthg, always support you no matter how hard it is for you to achieve smthg, always be your number ppl in your life to ask for a help & so on. Remember ppl, a true friend will never ask you to do smthg bad in your life & teach you the bad things to you. NEVER!!!!!! If she/he does, then you should just go & leave them behind bcs they'll definitely make your life even more worsttttttttttt. 

For me, I'm glad to know Ain & Nadia. We've known each other since we're at primary school but become more closer in high school. They're like my cup of sugar to complete the taste of my tea. Hahahahahaha aiceh. Yeap, I've known many ppl in my life but they're my soul. I also have others who are veryyyyyyyy close to me, Intan, Izzana, Iman & Aidil. I know all their stories & they know all my stories ((but definitely, Ain & Nadia know veryyyyyy details & many more stories ehehehe)). We love to share ideas, gossips & all. Whenever we're free & have nothing to do, we'll see each other & spend our times together, chitchat and all. I am so thankful & grateful for what you gais have done to me. I really appreciate everything. I MEAN IT OKAYYYYY!!! I love all of them. They're my siblings,friends.... I wish you gais the best in life & ofc achieve all the goals in your life. I love you gaisssss like so much. Nobody can replace your places in my heart ecececece. I miss you & hoping tht you're gais missing me too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Love, Anis Syazwani 💞😘❤️💜

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