Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Hello everyone! Well, nowadays, ppl keep talking abt upu results & all. I'm still confused on how they choose students. Okay, let's begin with upu result. My personally story.. Yassssssss, ppl who were taking spm 2015, like all.........are waiting for upu result. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. And finallyyyyyyyyy it is the day to check upu result & everyone are hoping for the best result to come out. So am i. Some of them are luckily & get what they've been dream for ((it feels like the whole world is theirs & feels soooooo thankful & grateful fir the opportunities)). But some of them are unfortunately, didn't achieve their target & dreams. It's feels sooooooooo miserable & starting to think that the world is unfair. Like, REALLY UNFAIR!!! AND THATS SO REAL. I know  & understand how they're totally feel bcs actually I'm also one of them. Ppl said, "you must get good results to achieve your goals & ofc to further your studies in university like you always dream of." Yassssssss, I'm studying like really hard. When I'm in standard 6, i don't think that education is important in life. So, my upsr result was bad & I just got 3A 2B. At that time, all my close friends get very excellent results which is 5A's like most of them. Eh jap, salah. """Actually ALL OF THEM""". They're all enter in good boarding schools. So, when i enter in high school, I started to really care abt my studies & all. Alhamdulillah, I have veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good friends & I'm really thankful & grateful for knowing them as my best friends & ofc they're like my sisters. When I'm in form3, we're studying together like so damn hard in order to achieve our goals. We're frequently doing study group, discussion, tasks & all. And alhamdulillah, I got 6A 2B for my pmr. Eventho I didn't get straight A's but still I'm really thankful . And we're did the same thing when we're in form5, but I didn't put my effort like before bcs I'm so giving up with chemistry hahahahahahaha. Thanks to Nadia & Ain bcs they're really helped me a lot with my studies & giving advices whenever I'm giving up with science streams sub. And alhamdulillah, eventho I didn't also get straight A's but still for me, i got good result 5A's out of 9 sub. Then, I'm waiting like 6 months for matriks & upu result. I'm not working like everyone does. I'm not hanging out like everyday or even every week. Mostttt of my day is at home.. I'm staying at home & enjoying my life watching dramas, films, baking, cooking & ofc sleepingggggggg ((bcs my dad didn't allow me to go out or doing part time jobs)). So, it's the dayyyyyyyyy that im waiting for longggg time. I'm srsly so nervous & shaking at the same time. So, before I checked, i pray & ask for the best result. Then, i click on It's error gaissss! Hahahahahahhaha that's makes me moreeeeeee & extremely nervous. One of my friend gave me another link, so that i can check it. At that time, my internet suddenly slow down. Haih, I'm starting feels smthg. So, one of my friend, helped me to check my upu result. And she even screenshot the result. Unluckily, I didn't get. "Maaf, anda tidak berjaya... blablabla....." It's feels like im in the dark world. Like reallyyyyyyyyyy dark yknow. I knocked down & crying so damn hard. I ignored all the whatsapp noti, & even calls. I off my phone & crying for the whole day. I couldn't accept the fact, the reality. I'm hoping that was a dream. But, that's it. IT IS REAL MAYN?!!!!! I keep saying that this is all unfair & the world is cruel. Too cruel to handle. Whyyyyyyyy and whyyyyy must be me?? This is sooo unfair. Even my friend who only got 2,3,4A's & even have no A could get part in university. Uitm, uthm, unisza & so on. I THINK THAT MY LIFE IS GONE! MY GOALS ARE ALL DISAPPEAR. MY DREAMS & AMBITION ARE ALL FAR AWAYYYYYY & ITS REALLY HARD TO GET IT & MAKE IT COMES TRUE! I FEELS LIKE I AM THE MOST IDIOT PERSON IN THIS WORLD BCS DIDNT BEING CHOOSE TO BE ONE OF THEM. After a few days, i feels so much better bcs of the advices that everyone gave. I feels so much better. I'm starting to Google & create a new goals. So, I've decided to choose Civil eng or Electrical eng. i checked in semak syarat upu & all. I do my own research. Everyday I'm doing research... I even read some blogs in order to get good inputs. And tmrw is the day of rayuan upu. I'm hoping the best. Yassssssss.
P/s; to anyone out there who faces the same thing like i do, pls stay strong. It's okay for you to cry & screaming but remember, there's a reason. Allah will gives the best & very best to all & every human in this world. Yes, world is unfair. TOO UNFAIR.  BUT, JUST BELIEVE IN MIRACLE. BELIEVE IN ALLAH. BELIEVE THAT SMTHG WOW WILL HAPPEN  SOON! Thanks for reading this. I'm just sharing what i feels inside. Have a nice dayyyy ✨😉

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Hello everyone! Well, nowadays, ppl keep talking abt upu results & all. I'm still confused on how they choose students. Okay, let...