Friday, 27 May 2016

New Friends

I miss my new friends... A few months ago, I went to Putra Intellect International College (PIIC) in Puchong to further studies in English course ((it's just a short course)). Vista Prima was my condo, where I used to live while I'm at Puchong. For the veryyyy first time, I feels how's my life is when I was far awayyyyyyyy from home & ofc family. Fathia Latiff a.k.a Fathia Zulfikar. She's the one person I met @ condo's office to take card & keys. My very first impression was, "okay, she looks pretty & u bet she's a very kind person and I should get know her better. Or maybe we can be good friend after this?? I hope that she's one of my housemate hehehehehe...." Yes, and I'm truly mean it. Oh yea, I went there with a good friend of mine, Azah. We're not that close in primary school, but we're getting closer abt a few years ago bcs we're used to be classmates @ tuition. Next, Ayda Jebat instead of Paudziah Aida. Idek why I've been calling her with "Ayda Jebat"... OK, forget it. Our meeting was a coincidence. I met her in the lift. At that time, she's busy moving all her stuff from the 1st floor to the 12th floor. Okay everyone u should know that I am the first person who saying hello & greet them yknow bcs I find they're diff & I know tht they're kind & ofc will be good friends of mine during my stays in PIIC. And yessss, i am so proud of myself bcs all my thoughts were true & they're really good & were reallyyyy reallyyyyy reallyyyyyyy good. Thank God for giving me a chance to get know them. We spent our 24/7 hrs together, everyday. We do all the things together & get know each other better, day by day. We also have our own nicknames. Fathia aka Mummy bcs she acts exactly like mumsie. She's always reminds us to control our behavior at public & so on. Aida aka Adik/Mama. At first, she is like a lil sis. She's so close with mummy & loves to tell Fathia abt what we're doing at back & all hahahahahaha and then she turns to be our mama bcs Fathia had to finish her studies earlier & need to go to do her Umrah. Azah, she's unpredictable. She just loves being with her phone like 24/7 hrs non-stop hahahahahahajkjk. We love to do crazy things, laughing so damn hard, singing like a frogie & many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Layla Syakirah & Aisyah Afifah. They came & registered late. We're also close with each other. From 4 to 6 ppl in a group. We shared many stories... We love to do bedtime stories hahahahahahaha but our bedtime stories was abt our times in kindergarten. We do almost everything together. I am so happy that Allah gives me a very good gifts. I'll never forget all our memories together. Thanks for everything & for all the good memories. I love you all girls. You gaisssss are really incredible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Lots of love, Anis Syazwani... 😘💖💞💓💕

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