Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lovely Grandma

We're met this grandma at Masjid Jamek, Kuala Pahang. She's very lovely & nice person. I was the one who started the conversation. While we're busy chit-chat, suddenly, she's asking me & my friends to come over to her house to take mangoes. And I was like, okay let'sssss. She gave us sweets, mangoes & also watermelon to eat. She's even talked about her life, family. So many challenges tht comes to her life. But still, she lives well. She lost her husband, she lost her sons, she lost her mum... She lives alone at a very small house. The moment when we're at her house, there's so many plants & flowers. She said, she loves to plant various types of flowers & even vegetables as well as fruits. She's happy with her life but I know, deeply inside, she's suffered a lot. May Allah bless this old woman with happiness!!!! Thank you for treating us nicely, grandma. We love u & pls stay happy 😘💕💞

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Happy Father's Day, Ayah!

Happy Father's Day to my one & only dad, Huzairi Bin Rosli!!!! Alhamdulillah, thank God for giving me such a great father ever. You're always giving your best just to fulfill all my sibling's wishes. I am such a lucky girl to have u in my life. You taught me a lot of things in this world & life. You're always being there for me 24/7 whenever I needs u around. Only God knows how much I appreciate u & how much I love you. Whenever I said that I need smthg or anything, you always tried your best to get what I want. Alhamdulillah, you're not that kind of "strictly" person. Eventho u have your own principles & disciplines in life, but u never beat anyone of my siblings. Whenever we're doing smthg out of control or doing smthg bad, you're not going to beat us but you loves to give advices & lots of positive inputs that make us think like, "ohhhh we shouldn't do that.." "Ohhh it's bad actually.." "Ohhh that's not good.." Year smthg like that. You even gives us a hug. I do admit it that sometimes you're annoying but u know, I love you... You're truly kind to others. You loves to help others whenever they're in trouble. Sometimes, I do think that you're too kind & u shouldn't help others that much bcs some of them might take that as advantages to themselves. You always asking us to be patient when we do smthg. Don't push ourselves too much. Well, the most important thing is you always put us as your priority. You're our priority as well, dad. You always reminds my siblings and I to study smart & always get good results for the good sake of our future as well as in our life. All your words are really meaningful... I love the way u teach us as children. I love the way u gives us advices. I love the way you're trying hard to get smthg for us. I love the way u put your best & your efforts. I love u from A to Z. From 0 to smthg. From nothing to everything. I'm going to end this by saying that you're great & nobody can be exactly like u. You're my superhero. You're everything!!!! I promise u that I'll try my best to give u a restaurant since you're good at cooking. Okay, in shaa Allah, I'll give u a beautiful restaurant, one fine day. Last but not least, thank you thank you thank you & thank you... I love you & will always do 😘💕💖💓💞

Thursday, 16 June 2016

First Day at University Malaysia Pahang, UMP (Gambang)

Such a tiring day for me & ofc for my parents as well. The day before I enter to this place, I was keep hoping & praying to have such a good friends, roommates, classmates & so on. And alhamdulillah, I met some few good friends tht are truly kind.. The place was quite nice & the room was alhamdulillah, okay & comfortable for sure. I met Ain, Que & another one girl from sabahan at the office. Were patiently waiting for the matrix card. Like srsly, they're really kind & veryyyyyy comfortable to be with. But the prob is, we're not in the same courses. Haiyooooo 😥😭😩 okay next, roommates!!!!!! My roommates are really understanding & ofc veryyyyyy nice ppl. Atiqah, Que & Emilyana. Atiqah was a person I met before at the office. We're be like, "yayyyyyyyyy satu bilik!!!". Hahahahaha 😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊 let's move to the room. I am the first person who entered the room. I choose to pick the lower bed (it's double decker). There was no fan accept for the upper bed. The uni used the wall fan. So, i asked my dad to go buy one fan for me since I didn't felt the fan's air. He went to Kuantan & brought a lil cutie fan for me huhuhu. My mum was busy helping me with my clothes & things. Thank God for giving me such a lovely & understanding parents. My roommates were all from Pahang. And their homes were just nearest this place. I am the only one from Selangor 😭😭😭😭😭 I've registered a few days ago. And yesterday was my very first day to enter the classes. I choose to further my studies in Civil Engineering bcs I think I should try & challenge myself. Hmmm that's it. Idek what else to share abt. So, WELCOME DEARSELF TO UMP, GAMBANG!!!!!!! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Attitudes; Customers VS Sellers (Online Shop)

I can't understand why ppl should be so harsh & have no respect to others. Well, I am a human being. I do have feelings. If u can't put your trust on me, then pls put your trust on your parcel. Ppl being so damn mean just bcs they didn't get what they want. I am doing this online shop is not for fun. I'm doing this bcs I love business & I'm so into it. I'm doing this to get experiences on how to do things by myself. Like others online shops have received. I am so disappointed on how some ppl in Malaysia communicate with their sellers. You're pushing me & even says some words that hurt deep inside. Honestly, I am so giving up with some of these customers. I just want you to respect me & watch out every each words tht you're typing. I put all my trusty & respect to all my customers. I even believe on every each words tht you're trying to tell. Well, sometimes I do post you're parcel late due to things I have to settle. But I do inform you abt it. I even apologize to every mistakes tht I do. If your parcel are late, you can't put your blame on me. Sometimes, the parcel can't be detected by the tracking number bcs of the system breaking down. But, after a day, the parcel safely arrived at your home. Look!!! Some of my customers, understand & some are not. They're keep pushing me. Well gaissss, im not working there. It's not my fault. I've done my job & that's it. I do love online shop. I've bought so manyyyyyy things from online shop. I even gave a present like every year to my dad through online shop. So, I understand your feelings. I know how worried you are abt your parcel. I know. And I felt the same thing every time I buy things from online shop. I know how scared you are. But pls, put your trust & believe on your seller. If you're not sure, just put your trust on your parcel. In shaa Allah, everything's going to be okay. Stay patient & calm!!!!! I'm sharing this as a reminder to everyone out there who wants to buy through online shop. I bet some of the sellers out there might already faced the same thing like i do. Just stop being so typical Malaysian. It's already 2016 & you should open up your mind & see the world. Think out of box. Speak wisely. Improve for the good sake of the country. Show to the world that there's no such a typical Malaysian. That's it!!!!! Respect your customers & respect the sellers as well. Show how harmonies Malaysia is.

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