Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Attitudes; Customers VS Sellers (Online Shop)

I can't understand why ppl should be so harsh & have no respect to others. Well, I am a human being. I do have feelings. If u can't put your trust on me, then pls put your trust on your parcel. Ppl being so damn mean just bcs they didn't get what they want. I am doing this online shop is not for fun. I'm doing this bcs I love business & I'm so into it. I'm doing this to get experiences on how to do things by myself. Like others online shops have received. I am so disappointed on how some ppl in Malaysia communicate with their sellers. You're pushing me & even says some words that hurt deep inside. Honestly, I am so giving up with some of these customers. I just want you to respect me & watch out every each words tht you're typing. I put all my trusty & respect to all my customers. I even believe on every each words tht you're trying to tell. Well, sometimes I do post you're parcel late due to things I have to settle. But I do inform you abt it. I even apologize to every mistakes tht I do. If your parcel are late, you can't put your blame on me. Sometimes, the parcel can't be detected by the tracking number bcs of the system breaking down. But, after a day, the parcel safely arrived at your home. Look!!! Some of my customers, understand & some are not. They're keep pushing me. Well gaissss, im not working there. It's not my fault. I've done my job & that's it. I do love online shop. I've bought so manyyyyyy things from online shop. I even gave a present like every year to my dad through online shop. So, I understand your feelings. I know how worried you are abt your parcel. I know. And I felt the same thing every time I buy things from online shop. I know how scared you are. But pls, put your trust & believe on your seller. If you're not sure, just put your trust on your parcel. In shaa Allah, everything's going to be okay. Stay patient & calm!!!!! I'm sharing this as a reminder to everyone out there who wants to buy through online shop. I bet some of the sellers out there might already faced the same thing like i do. Just stop being so typical Malaysian. It's already 2016 & you should open up your mind & see the world. Think out of box. Speak wisely. Improve for the good sake of the country. Show to the world that there's no such a typical Malaysian. That's it!!!!! Respect your customers & respect the sellers as well. Show how harmonies Malaysia is.

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