Sunday, 19 June 2016

Happy Father's Day, Ayah!

Happy Father's Day to my one & only dad, Huzairi Bin Rosli!!!! Alhamdulillah, thank God for giving me such a great father ever. You're always giving your best just to fulfill all my sibling's wishes. I am such a lucky girl to have u in my life. You taught me a lot of things in this world & life. You're always being there for me 24/7 whenever I needs u around. Only God knows how much I appreciate u & how much I love you. Whenever I said that I need smthg or anything, you always tried your best to get what I want. Alhamdulillah, you're not that kind of "strictly" person. Eventho u have your own principles & disciplines in life, but u never beat anyone of my siblings. Whenever we're doing smthg out of control or doing smthg bad, you're not going to beat us but you loves to give advices & lots of positive inputs that make us think like, "ohhhh we shouldn't do that.." "Ohhh it's bad actually.." "Ohhh that's not good.." Year smthg like that. You even gives us a hug. I do admit it that sometimes you're annoying but u know, I love you... You're truly kind to others. You loves to help others whenever they're in trouble. Sometimes, I do think that you're too kind & u shouldn't help others that much bcs some of them might take that as advantages to themselves. You always asking us to be patient when we do smthg. Don't push ourselves too much. Well, the most important thing is you always put us as your priority. You're our priority as well, dad. You always reminds my siblings and I to study smart & always get good results for the good sake of our future as well as in our life. All your words are really meaningful... I love the way u teach us as children. I love the way u gives us advices. I love the way you're trying hard to get smthg for us. I love the way u put your best & your efforts. I love u from A to Z. From 0 to smthg. From nothing to everything. I'm going to end this by saying that you're great & nobody can be exactly like u. You're my superhero. You're everything!!!! I promise u that I'll try my best to give u a restaurant since you're good at cooking. Okay, in shaa Allah, I'll give u a beautiful restaurant, one fine day. Last but not least, thank you thank you thank you & thank you... I love you & will always do 😘💕💖💓💞

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