Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lovely Grandma

We're met this grandma at Masjid Jamek, Kuala Pahang. She's very lovely & nice person. I was the one who started the conversation. While we're busy chit-chat, suddenly, she's asking me & my friends to come over to her house to take mangoes. And I was like, okay let'sssss. She gave us sweets, mangoes & also watermelon to eat. She's even talked about her life, family. So many challenges tht comes to her life. But still, she lives well. She lost her husband, she lost her sons, she lost her mum... She lives alone at a very small house. The moment when we're at her house, there's so many plants & flowers. She said, she loves to plant various types of flowers & even vegetables as well as fruits. She's happy with her life but I know, deeply inside, she's suffered a lot. May Allah bless this old woman with happiness!!!! Thank you for treating us nicely, grandma. We love u & pls stay happy 😘💕💞

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