Tuesday, 16 August 2016


It's easy to trust ppl. Usually, if a person have a very good personalities & attitudes, we usually put high percentage of trust on them. Well, I've told myself, "not to trust ppl. Don't put yr trust easily on ppl. Don't even trust them even they're good to you." Butttt, nope! I do trust ppl so easily. I thought, if they're very close to me, so I can put 100% trust on them. Hahahahahahahahahaha I WAS WRONG!!!!. I've never thought that a person who are close to me, could lying to me. It's hard for me to believe how u could lie to me. You said that they are yours. It hurts my heart. Deeply hurt inside. Obviously, that's mine. It would be good if you jut tell me the truth. I'm so not gonna to blame u or what. I'm not going to raise up my voice. I just want u to tell me the truth. That's it. Yknow, if u keep lying to me, u keep pretending that nothing happens, idek what to say. I might be someone else. I might change myself 360. I might not be able to treat u like before. I might be a fake person in front of you. I've no idea why all of this happen. I've tried my best to stay & be positive. But, I can't. I don't even care abt wht you've took. But, it's all abt feelings. It's hurt. I am so careless on taking care of my own things. That's why I need a very good friends around me to always remind me abt my things. You're one of them. But, I was wrong & my thoughts are all totally wrong. I'm fine! It's okay. There's a reason behind of this. Thanks to u, I've learned smthg new in my life. Don't put your trust on anyone except your family. No matter how good a person is, no matter how close they are to you, pls don't ever put your trust on them. Even they're very  close to you, we don't even know whether they're being real or just pretending for the good sake of themselves. Taking advantages on others?? Hahahaha well, I'll waiting for you to tell me the truth. I will always keep waiting for u to just be honest to me & to yrself. I hope you realize what you've done & fix this thing & mess. U supposed to say smthg. You supposed to feel smthg when you're lying to me. & you supposed to do smthg. It's veryyyyy easy to say just a word, "sorry". But, you're the one who make it difficult & complicated. I hope you're reading this & message me as soon as possible.

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