Thursday, 22 September 2016

Car boot sales @ UMP

So, hello everyone! I wanna share abt this one nice man. There's car boot sale at our university yesterday. Kartinie & I went to this one stall which they're selling many kinds of biscuits. Kartinie wanna buy her fav biscuit, so she told him tht she's just want that biscuit for only rm3. But then, when she wants to give the rm3, the uncle said "nvm, just take it. I know u came from far 😊" . We're both be likeeeee; "woww omggggg you're so nicee. Why you being so niceeeeeeee ppl?? 😭😭😭😭" we're both speechless & ofc said thank you so much then. May Allah bless you always & may your business will be successful. Aamiin 😉😊 so next, we went to this cutie mini stall which they're selling kinda cube ice-cream. Omg soooooo yummyyyy 😋🍦 yesterday was my very first time saw that kinda cube ice-cream yknow. At first I be like, okay what is this??? Is this an ice-cream??? The price is just rm2. Yaaa, I know that's so cheap isn't? So, I bought strawberry flavor & tinie's was keladi  flavor. The ice-cream tasted so yummy & veryyyyyyyyyyyy soft. Srsly, you guys should try tht cube ice-cream!!!!! There's a lot of stalls yesterday; I'm so not gonna describe each of the stalls hahahahahahahaha but there's various kinda things they're selling yesterday at car boot sale.

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