Friday, 13 January 2017

My 2017 ✨

Holla everyone! It's been awhile I didn't post anything here. So today I wanna share with u gais my new year wishes!!!!!!! Lols. Well, I have like a lots of wishes for this year. Before this, i mean like previous years before, I don't even have my own to-do-list thingy but since I'm now 19 y/o, I think I should do a to-do-list thingy in order to be a successful person luls hahahahahahaha ok, so now before I do my to-do-list, my first wishes for this year is ofc to be a better person for myself & everyone. Sec, I wish tht I'm strong enough to go through all the difficulties tht will come in the future. Third, I wish tht this year could be a very best year in my life. Fourth, I wish tht I will get 4flat in every sem in order to be a successful student in ump in shaa Allah, aamiin. Fifth, I wish tht I will never give up in everything after this. Sixth, I wish to have lots of moneyyyyy 💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲 in my pocket hahahahahaha seventh, I wish tht there's a air-conditioning, TV in my hostel. ((Omgggggg I really hope that this one will come true!!!)) Ok next, I wish tht all the lecturers will not giving a lot of assignments to do & pls don't give it last min like previous sem hmmm 😭😭😭😭 nineth, I wish tht ump will upgrade their cafe ((I mean the menu!!! Pls do smthg diff than before. I'm so tired to look at the same dishes like everydayyyyy.. The menu make me feels sick)) ok then, I wish tht I will keep staying at the hostel without have to worry abt the merit thingy. Eleventh, I wish that my schedule for the coming sem will not too pack with classes. So I think that's all for the wishes list. Let's move on to our next agenda which is TO-DO-LIST 2017!!! Yayyyy hahahahahahaha omg idek why I'm so excited. Okay let's....


                       TO-DO-LIST 2017

1. Get at least 3.5 pointer & above for the upcoming semester.

2. Go for a short trip & vacay to Ipoh with my civilian girls.

3. Celebrate my birthday with besties since high school.

4. Spend the whole dayyyyy with my besties & fav ones Ain & Nadia.

5. Meet Iman & chillin' with her & the other fav girls.

6. Have fun with the girls, Afiqah & Naaziraa.

7. Go for a vacation with the big family.

8. Meet my crush on hari raya hahahahahahaha 

9. Get new handbags & shoes.

10. Get new scarfs from Duck/Sugarscarf.

11. Get new make-up thingy (mascara, foundation, eyeliner & etc)

I think that's all for now. If I have new wishes or the one that I wanna do on this year, I'll add on later. Hahahahahahahahahahaha thanks gais for reading my entry. If u gais have anything, pls comment below.

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